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Branding Pinstripes: Conclusions



The month of April, which Uniqa dedicated to “pinstripes” – brands that find it challenging to differentiate themselves (accountancy firms, lawyers, hedge funds), and we’d like to draw some conclusions.

We have met with a few companies in the pinstripe face, and held seminars on their brand. Here is what we found the most important for the pinstripe brands:

  • Consistency
  • Brand values
  • Thinking Big!
  • Protect your brand
  • Using your personal brand
  • Creating personal connections
  • Turn negative into positive
Differentiating pinstripe brand is not easy, but it is achievable, as we can see from the examples of the bigger counterparts. We also established the best ways to communicate for pinstripe brands:
  • Visually: create infographics, upload videos, shoot a corporate video
  • Personally: set yourself and your teams as experts, use social media channels like Quora and groups on LinkedIn
  • Responsive: set up a structure of immediate response to those reaching out to you through various channels, especially if it is negative

We also talked in more detail about target audiences, the channels that we need to establish to reach them, how to build and maintain your brand universe. If you would like Uniqa to present this seminar at your company, please contact us.