Geek Chic Month Continues: Picture IT!

Brilliant article on a BBC site today discusses how visualisation tools can help us deal with information overload. Research shows that we are, in fact, very pictorial in our perception of the data, and using available visualisation tools can help get the message across. For technology companies, in particular, the tools can help make their websites and other marketing materials more accessible, which in turn will lead to acquiring more clients – after all, people need to understand your products and solutions. Uniqa Consulting produces infographics for our clients, and we featured them on this blog earlier this month. However, using visualisation tools does not need to be time consuming or expensive, if your budget does not allow you to splash out. For example, online tool Wordle takes seconds to create clouds based on text or RSS feed, and here is one representing that BBC article:

Wordle: Untitled

The cloud can be randomised, colours customised, and there are other similar tools that can help you create the same. Or, as we did mention before on this blog, now offers online tools allowing you creating infographics on the fly, based on Facebook usage or Twitter hashtag.

More importantly, you need to create a culture within your company, where creative tools are become first choice for presenting information. Using mindmapping software, such as MindJet, could be a first step. Again, if budget is an issue, there are free shareware options available. Once you start educating your employees, and yourself act as an ambassador for visualisation, this culture will soon spread throughout your organisation, increasing your productivity, and – which is vital for your clients – avoiding IT-speak. Picture this.